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    My CoffeeShop 


    My CoffeeShop is a small, unique coffee shop in Downtown Dublin. We offer a great variety of specialty coffee drinks as well as sandwiches, salads and soups.


    So there is more than "just" coffee at My CoffeeShop. We have something for everybody's taste!


    Come see us and find out about all the delicious treats we have for you!




  • Our Menu


    Discover our Drinks followed by delicious Food Choices!!!



    |||Small ||| Medium ||| Large

    ||| 12oz ||| 16oz ||| 20oz


    Hot Coffee Beverages


    Drip Coffee ||| $2.00 ||| $2.30 ||| $2.70

    Americano ||| $2.70 ||| $3.20 ||| $3.70

    Espresso Solo ||| $1.70

    Espresso Doppio ||| $2.70

    Caramel Macchiato ||| $3.35 ||| $3.85 ||| $4.15

    Latte ||| $2.90 ||| $3.40 ||| $3.90

    Vanilla Latte |||$ 3.25 ||| $3.75 ||| $4.05

    Cappuccino ||| $2.90 ||| $3.40 ||| $3.90

    Mocha ||| $3.25 ||| $3.75 ||| $4.25

    White Mocha ||| $3.25 ||| $3.75 ||| $4.25


    More Hot Beverages


    Chai Latte ||| $3.25 ||| $3.75 ||| $4.05



    All Beverages also available ICED or BLENDED!!!



    Almond Milk ||| $0.50

    Syrup ||| $0.30

    Extra Espresso ||| $0.70



    Our Food Menu


    Create-your-own Signature Sandwiches


    Ciabatta Sandwich ||| ||| $7.50

    Your Choices

    Turkey, Ham, Chicken and/or BACON


    American, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Pepper Jack or Provolone


    Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pickles, Banana Peppers, Bell peppers, Black Olives, Onions, Jalapenos


    Ciabatta, Marble Rye, Pita Bread, Artisan White


    Also available toasted!!!


    w/ chips


    Make it a Savory for $1.00 more.



    1/2 Sandwich and Soup

    1/2 Sandwich and Salad


    Soup and Salad


    includes Chips and medium sweet tea/ soda



    Make it a Savory for $1.00 more.


    Our Favorites

    Classic BLT

    Chicken Salad Sandwich


    $7.50 (also available in the Combo)



    Create-Your-Own Salad

    Caesar Salad

    Garden Salad

    Caprese Salad




    Add Meat for $1.00


    Soup of the Day

    Monday: ||| Tomato Basil

    Tuesday: ||| Baked Potato

    Wednesday: ||| Lobster Bisque

    Thursday: ||| Broccoli and Cheese

    Friday: ||| Chicken Poblano



    More Snacks

    Bagel w/ cream cheese ||| ||| $ 2.95

    Tomato-Mozzarella Bagel ||| ||| $ 4.95

    Power Bagel ||| ||| $ 4.95

    Sausage Croissants ||| ||| $ 2.95

    Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit ||| ||| $ 2.50



    Something Sweet


    Cookies ||| ||| $ 1.50

    Pastry ||| ||| $ 1.50

    Muffins ||| ||| $ 2.45

    Scones ||| ||| $ 2.45

    Donuts ||| ||| $ 1.00


    Have you tried our GELATO? Come by to see our selection and get a taste of delicious, Italian Ice Cream!



    *All menu items and prices are subject to change. We appreciate your understanding.



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  • Talk to Us

    There are many ways to reach us...



    Do you have questions, suggestions, ideas or any comments? We want to know what's on your mind, so we can do an even better job at fulfilling your wishes!



    Just send us a quick message and let us know what you think. If you prefer a personal conversation please come see us at the store, or call us at 478-304-1281!




    Or come see us at:

    My CoffeeShop
    306 Academy Ave.
    Dublin, GA 31021







  • About Us



    My CoffeeShop is a unique café located in downtown Dublin with a European influenced traditional flair of a cozy coffee shop.



    My CoffeeShop does not only offer a wide variety of high quality beverages and foods, but also exceptional customer service and friendly staff who create a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere for each and everybody. Through interesting events and happenings around the coffee shop a wide variety of customers throughout the community are welcomed to join the My CoffeeShop experience.





    Our mission is to create an inspiring and relaxing environment where our customers have a chance to retreat and enjoy the best tasting coffee. High quality, unique customer service and respect towards everybody are our values.




    Our Inside Seating

    Enjoy our various inside seating options! Read the magazines on our bookshelf or get up to date with the daily Courier Herald edition. Relax in one of our armchairs or sip on a cup of Latte while catching up on work we have the perfect seat for you! 


    Our Outside Seating

    Beautiful weather, a fountain splashing in the background and seating under a fan invite you to sit in our patio.

    And we love to show off our local talent on Friday Nights right here in front of the coffee shop, whenever the weather allows us. 

  • How to find us...

    Our address is

    306 Academy Ave.

    Dublin, GA 31021



    We are located in the historical Fred Roberts Hotel in downtown Dublin. We also offer parking spots in the lot behind the building on Madison Street. Please feel free to use the back entrance of the Fred Roberts Hotel, which will lead you through the lobby directly to our shop!


    Opening Hours

    Monday 7.30am - 7pm

    Tuesday 7.30am - 7pm

    Wednesday 7.30am - 7pm

    Thursday 7.30am - 7pm

    Friday 7.30am - 7pm

    Saturday 9am - 5pm



    Please let us know if you have any trouble finding us.


  • Rent Us

    My CoffeeShop as your next event location

    Are you looking for a new place to hold your next celebration?

    We offer you a great location for your next birthday party, fundraiser, baby shower etc..



    You can rent our space, service and the My CoffeeShop experience for your next unique event!



    In the past we have done caterings, hosted fundraisers, birthday parties and we are always looking for new ways to open our space to the public.




    Contact us today and we start organizing YOUR awesome event!